pyHashcat v0.5 beta Released

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By: Rich Kelley

pyHashcat v0.5 has been released on github. You can find it here. If you're not familiar with pyHashcat you can read a little about it here.

New features:

- Added support for hashcat via the HashcatWrapper class. Usage is similar to the oclHashcatWrapper class. See the README.txt
- Support for new hash types added to oclHashcat v1.30
- The get_restore_stats function has been re-written by Michael Sprecher (@hops_ch), and is now more stable
- Added cpu_type to HashcatWrapper to use AVX/XOP binaries ( again thanks to Michael Sprecher)
- Other small bug fixes and general code clean-up

Enjoy! And of course let me know if/when bugs show up. It is a beta release after all :)