Phising or Not!!!!

Okay, okay okay.   I can't have all the fun anymore.  So I am going to start posting my best of Phishing/Just Really bad emails which I receive.  All this one is missing is the click here!!!!  Yes I scrubbed the email to protect the "innocent" 

Here is the first one.... 

I work for XxxxxxXxxxxx Cyber Solution on their sales team but in my previous life I did a ton of recruiting some I am doing some side work on the weekends . I know the Co-Founder of the Cxxxxs group where their are quiet a few former Mandiant , Fidelis (Red team ) etc.. employees that are on cyber team and they are looking for some Senior, Principal or even Director level full time consultants . 

There are 3 different roles and your skills essentially fall under all 3 so wasn't sure if you were open to looking into a full time gig with a really cool start up (With a lot of remote work) I would be happy to send you the descriptions if you would like to see them but also don't want to waste your time ! Look forward to connecting ! 

If you have anyone that would be interested also that may fit with the descriptions any help would be grateful ?